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CodeYear 2012 Archive homepage

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This wiki is to help support dialogue between catalogers and coders.


If you are participating in the Codecademy Code Year 2012 project, please add you name to the participants list. They started sending out weekly lessons on Monday, Jan. 9th. You can still sign up, and see the latest lesson here.


Additionally, there is a Twitter list: Catcode. Please send a message to @slmcdanold to have yourself added to the list.


Looking for resources? Check out our Resources page. Feel free to add to it as you find things!

Looking for support groups in your area? Check out our Support Groups page. Please add your local groups to the list!

Looking for examples of what you can do with code in libraries/cataloging? Check out the Cataloguing Code Examples folder.


Q&A space: LibCatCode (site no longer active)

StackExchange space: Libraries and Information Science (site no longer active)


Discussion, questions, advice (by week)


Week 1 - Javascript

Week 2 - Javascript

Week 3 - Javascript

Week 4 - Javascript

Week 5 - Javascript

Week 6 - Javascript

Week 7 - Javascript

Week 8 - Javascript

Week 9 - Javascript
Week 10 - Javascript
Week 11 - Javascript
Week 12 - Javascript
Week 13 - HTML
Week 14 - HTML  Week 15 - CSS & HTML Week 16 - CSS 
Week 17 - CSS  Week 18 - CSS  Week 19 - CSS, HTML, & Javascript
Week 20 -  CSS, HTML, & Javascript
Week 21 - jQuery (Javascript review)
Week 22 - jQuery
Week 23 - jQuery
Week 24 - jQuery
Week 25 - jQuery  Week 26 - jQuery, Javascript, HTML, & CSS
Week 27 - jQuery
Week 28 - jQuery 
Week 29 - summary review Week 30 - Python  Week 31 - Python
Week 32 - Python 
Week 33 - Python  Week 34 - Python  
Week 35 - Python
Week 36 - Python
Week 37 - Python  Week 38 - Python  Week 39 - Python  Week 40 - Python 
Week 41 - Python  Week 42 - Python  Week 43 - Python  Week 44- Python 



Q: So, is the wiki and twitter list going to be the only things we're using for this?


A: Nope! There will be a website dedicated for discussion and Q&A launching soon. If you are familiar with Stack Overflow (which, BTW, is a great resource for when you have programming questions) this website will have a similar set up. As an added bonus, you don't have to create "Yet Another Account"(TM) to participate - you can sign on using existing accounts (Google, FB, Twitter, OpenID, etc.). Keep an eye out on this spot for more information. It is now LIVE! http://www.libcatcode.org/


Also, for those of you who want to dive into a more real-time chat environment to chat with like-minded folks, we're also offering a IRC channel, #catcode. If you have an IRC client or have an IM program like Pidgin, you can get on #catcode through the chat.freenode.net server.


Don't have an IRC client? No worries; just point your browser to http://webchat.freenode.net/, and enter the channel name #catcode, your nickname, and you're set. This is probably the best way to get in if your institution is picky about what is installed on your computer or limits IRC traffic. 

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